1. Daisen (Italy) - Sustainable Building Proucts for the Green Building

  2. Diathonite - cork based premixed mortars for insulation plasters and screeds. This product is characterised by thermal, acoustic and dehumidification properties. Moreover, it is able to answer to the current international regulations for the energy efficiency, housing comfort, building noise reduction, refurbishment and green building.

  3. Acriflex - coating and waterproofings. Our products offer absolute safety, ease and rapid application, minimum chance of error, and a long lasting performance while our resins are versatile and durable. These latter are designed for a variety of floorings and other coating requirements, which include swimming pools, sport facilities, car parks and industrial floorings.

  4. GLOBAL BUILDING (ITALY) - specialized in the design, production and sale of materials and systems for fire passive protection and lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete boards for architecture.

  5. UNIPAN - winning solution lightened fiber-reinforced concrete board for exterior and interior finishes. Provides designers and installers an alternative to traditional materials, as well as masonry building systems. It can face the most extreme climatic conditions, external as internal.

  6. VENETA PITTURE (ITALY) - new age hand crafted resin

  1. CORRADI (Italy) - maker of outdoor furnishings: sails, bioclimatic pergolas and Pergotendas® made to measure like in artisanal workshops, for outdoor spaces to be enjoyed all year round.

  2. RENSON (AUSTRIA) - world leader in ventilation, solar control and outdoor solutions which create a comfortable and safe environment in which to live and work.

  3. GIULIO BARBIERI (ITALY) - specialises in the production of outdoor aluminium covers, such as professional gazebos for events, pergolas and sun shade sails, retractable tunnels, carports and charging stations for electric vehicles.

  4. SANITARY GATE - a new solution aimed at containing the contagion. A tunnel for disinfection and sanitisation with an integrated hydraulic system capable of nebulising any type of detergent or sanitising substance. The tunnel retains the nebulised substance and saturates the entire space with it. Thus, you can instantly disinfect or sanitise all surfaces, even those that are not directly exposed to the nozzles.